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Scrap procedure related to procuring online licence

At a meeting of Sarva Samaj Udyog Vyapar Mandal held on Tuesday, the speakers demanded scrapping of the procedure related to procuring online licence for those engaged in business of edible items.

Presiding over the meeting the state president, Himanshu Kharbanda said that it has become mandatory for those engaged in selling edible and food items to obtain a licence from the Food Safety department as per the new provisions of Food safety and Standard Act 2006.Failure to do so would invite punishment and penalty.

He added that the department of Food Safety has made a provision to get registered online and obtain a license from the same.This is impratical because those not well versed with the use of computers are facing great difficulty to do so.

He urged the authorities to scrap the above procedure and instead re-introduce the manual procedure in order to enable the business community to get themselves registered.


The Expert’s Thought: Scraping the current procedure would invite more problems to the Food Business Operators.


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