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New Delhi, India: Food Import Regulatory Standards

Registration With the FSSAI has Been Made Mandatory for Importers

Fi Conferences is launching its inaugural Food Import Regulatory Standards conference, which will take place on 28 June. This much awaited strategic initiative will enable you to understand and overcome current regulatory challenges, sampling and analysis ambiguity, customs clearance hurdles and labelling issues related to food import. It will bring together heads of imports and supply chain from food and beverage manufacturers, packaged food importers, ingredient manufacturers and suppliers.

A leading service provider to major brands, multinational companies and reputed importers in the foods, beverages, frozen foods, food ingredients and spirits industry has recebtly blogged about registration with the FSSAI becoming mandatory for importers.  Also, all Indian importers must procure the acknowledgement for submission of documents. It may be noted that samples will not be withdrawn from import consignments for testing in case the importer does not have the acknowledgement copy of such submission, and consignments will get held up at customs. It appears the grace period given to importers for arranging the same has been extended up to 31 July 2012.

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