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Milk safety as a global market factor

Analysts cite developing nations as the main source of world milk production growth over the next five years. Researchers at Rabobank say more than 80 percent of new milk will come from emerging markets, with China and India alone accounting for about 40 percent.

There are two important factors to remember when contemplating the implications of that kind of growth: 1) Even should emerging markets deliver, they still will not have enough milk to meet rising domestic demand, and 2) emerging markets, particularly China and India, face major milk safety questions that could both slow their milk output gains and encourage purchasing of import rather than locally produced products.

It is already happening in China. And India could find itself in the same position if it does not adequately address recent reports of rampant milk adulteration.

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The Expert’s Thought: Dairy products are perishable foods and must be stored in the refrigerator. Proper storage and handling of dairy foods will prolong shelf life and ensure food safety.

2 Responses to “Milk safety as a global market factor”

  • Gerard Ruth:

    China is already investing in dairy entities oversees to meet future domestic growth demands and to ensure a higher quality product. Milk safety quality standards and enforcement has a ways to go in India and China, especially when 1 cow with an illegal adulterant can contaminate 1 silo, which in turn can be fractionated into many products, especially in dry form.

  • Jasna Lasinger:

    China has also purchased milking cows from New Zealand and Australia and are now having technical support from both countries to optimize milk quality and yield.
    Research data is showing that there is significant lactose intolerance in PRC population.

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