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Market players should follow rules, Zagade tells IDMA meet on product regn

The IDMA (Indian Drug Manufacturers’ Association) Nutraceutical Subcommittee organised a conference – Product Registration Under FSSAI – Knowhow & Challenges – here on Friday.

The conference was aimed at both the nutraceutical as well as pharmaceutical sectors and most of the presentations that were a part of the conference pertained to topics related to these sectors.

The conference also included those who were engaged in marketing of nutraceuticals, churning up options for specific healthcare problems.

According to IDMA, in 2006, FSS (Food Safety & Standards) Act was implemented and with that many complex issues pertaining to transition from PFA (Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954) to FSSA were tackled.

The beneficial role of nutra products or nutraceuticals is taken into consideration by healthcare specialists and the consumers looking at the fact that the Indian market valued at $1,480 million (Rs 7, 400 crore) in 2011 is estimated to grow to $2,731 million (Rs 13, 655 crore) by 2016, it was pointed out at the conference.

Mahesh Zagade, food safety commissioner, FDA, Maharashtra, Mumbai, who chaired one of the sessions, said, “The nutraceutical and pharma markets are emerging, but market players should follow the rules. If you do so, you will not meet with obstacles and face issues as those who do not abide by the rules, their licences are cancelled.”

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