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Introducing “Business Associate Program”

After the introduction of the new FSSAI law in the country, the demand for Testing, Compliance and Training in the F&B and Corporate Industry has increased. Keeping this in mind, Equinox Solutions has started the Business Associate Program, an opportunity to partner with us.
An Equinox Business Associate would be marketing equinox services to Corporate, Hotels and Restaurants, Educational Institution, F&B (Food and Beverages), Government bodies, Builders, Housing societies. When you become an Equinox BAP with us, you get the experience of working with Equinox – a pioneer in Testing, Training and Compliance. Equinox BAP is responsible to generates leads of business, audit, inspection training and compliance. This will help Business Associate to generate revenue and also promote their branding in the industry.

Business Associate Program
Business Associate Program

What is Equinox Business Associate Program?

• Equinox Business Associate Program is an opportunity for individuals to render the services on behalf of Equinox and to generate revenue for themselves.

• Equinox BAP is responsible to generates leads of business, audit, inspection, Testing, Compliance and Training.

• Experience of working with Equinox – a pioneer in Testing, Compliance and Training.

• As and when Equinox has an opportunity of any business at your location, you get the chance to handle the business for Equinox

How To Become An Equinox Business Associate Program?

• In order to become a BAP with Equinox Labs, you have to fill online application form, after that we will shortlist the potential prospective BAP.

• On selection, you would be trained on marketing tactics and Equinox business environment.

• The training shall be provided to you by marketing team of Equinox via CD, Webinars, Skype or Classes.

• After the training, you shall undergo an Assessment, on the basis of  which you shall become a BAP with us.

 Who Can Be A Equinox Business Associate?

• Food Consultants

• Retired Food Technologists.

• Faculty and Professors from Food Technology colleges.

• Associates of Food Business.

• Associates of F&B Company

• Individual consultants.

• Food and Beverage Manufacturers.

Advantages Of Being An Equinox Business Associate:

• Equinox BAP will get the following commission structure: 10% on the invoice value of Rs 3, 00,000 15% above the invoice value of Rs 3, 00,000

• BAP will help in the growth and expansion of business.

• BAP will help to gain competitive advantage over other.

• The Equinox BAP shall help you to market your talent in the corporate industry and improve your networking within your industry.

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