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Indians should stop excessive consumption of junk food, says diet experts

According to the diet experts, the habit of consuming junk food among Indian is increasing day by day and have warned that this could lead to severe health conditions.

Deputy Programme Manager at the Food Standards and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI) Savvy Soumya Mishra said that just blaming the international chains of fast food to spoil the pattern of diet in India is not enough.

She said that fast food has penetrated to the rural markets also in different forms such as potato chips and soft-drinks and wished that some remedial measures should be taken regarding this.

“Potato chips and similar snacks are available even in remote villages, where you may not find a school or a ration shop. These things have more reach. There will be soft-drink bottles in places that may not have even clean drinking water. McDonald’s and Pizza Hut may not have reached there, but chips and soft drinks have, what a pity!” Mishra said.

She also laid emphasis on the importance of reducing children’s reach to such trans-fat-laden junk food and suggested that such eatable items should be banned in schools.

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