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India, Mumbai: FSSR failed to describe gradation; Act enacted in haste, S N Mohanty told

Tejinder Singh Renu, honorary secretary, Vidarbha Taxpayers Association (VTA), Nagpur, met S N Mohanty, chief executive officer, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), in New Delhi recently to discuss the ambiguities and discrepancies in the Food Safety and Standards Act (FSSA), 2006, and the Food Safety and Standards Regulations (FSSR), 2011.

While Renu was accompanied by Bhawanishankar Dave, joint secretary, Nagpur Hotel Owners Association, the country’s apex food regulator was represented by S S Ghonkrokta, director (enforcement); Madhawan, deputy director (enforcement-I); and D S Yadav, deputy director (enforcement-II).

Renu explained, “The Act is literally threatening to close down practically all food business operators (FBOs) in the country, as the Regulations have a number of provisions that are practically impossible to comply with, and has also given unprecedented powers to the food inspectors leading to Inspector Raj.”

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