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India, Mumbai: 40% food wastage due to lack of infrastructure in post-harvest mgmt: AIFPA

India’s food processing industry is estimated to be worth nearly Rs 5 lakh crore market and presumed to be growing at the rate of 11 per cent per annum, but according to K L Radhakrishnan, senior official, All India Food Processors’ Association (AIFPA), the lack of proper infrastructure in post-harvest management is responsible for the wastage of food, estimated to be about 40 per cent.

He said the Indian food processing industry is the fifth-largest industry in the country. The demand is also increasing day by day and the reason for it is that a majority of the population lives in the urban areas. The number of working women is increasing. People are more interested in ready-to-cook (RTC) and ready-to-eat (RTE) food. The need for processed foods is growing at a rapid pace.

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