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India: Key flaw in FSSA, FBO guidelines missing

The Food Safety and Standards Act (FSSA), 2006, that has been drawing flak from different sections of the food & beverage industry, has not impacted the confectionery industry in a big way but according to B K Gurbani, chairman of the Andhra Pradesh-based confectionery maker Gurbani Group, “We do have minor objections to it.”

He goes on to add, “Since the Food Products Order (FPO), the predecessor to the existing Act, has been repealed, we have noticed one major flaw: all the guidelines of the FPO have not been incorporated in the FSSA.”

Further with regard to the contentious issue of licensing and registration, Gurbani states, “Yes, licensing and registration are indeed contentious issues. The new chapters on them in the Act are ambiguous.”

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