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Hoteliers are focussing more on food safety- Article by Ashwin Bhadri

Eating out is no longer a rare activity you do with your family to celebrate an occasion. It has become a regular feature in our way of life. But what if eating out comes at the cost one’s health? Risk of food borne Illness is very real and very serious. Hoteliers think that if their patrons fall ill after eating there, the worst thing that the patron can do is to not visit that establishment again. That’s not what happens.

The new law empowers consumer to register complaints against any hotelier. The Food Safety & Standards Authority of India has introduced a reward scheme to promote this. This is a very progressive step by the law, but maybe misused by some consumers. Some consumers may threaten to report the hotelier for every small lapse. They could demand a free meal or even worse, a compensation. This will put the hotelier in a dilemma.

A hotelier’s worst nightmare is a consumer who can also be a potential threat.

I have been working with many hoteliers from Andheri East especially to enable them counter these threats. Over the last one year they have started to realise that external third party consultants and trainers can help them to improve their food safety, enrich their customer experience and enhance their brand.

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