“I don’t want FSSAI. I can run my business without FSSAI.”

These are the exact words of a frustrated food business.

A frustrated Food Business faces a lot of problems. Few (out of 1001) of them are:

There is no Clarity about the process

Filing process is too confusing

The website is Slow like a tortoise

Nobody tells you what Documents are required

People don’t know How and where to apply

People haven’t figured out the Challan yet?


But Can you really run your business without FSSAI?

The Answer is obviously No!

Also, you wouldn’t want to see you or your business in a position like that.

What If I tell you that I have found the solution!

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He uses special magic tricks to make the process hassle free

He knows the process like a fox

He knows what documents are required

He is hard working, smart and knows how to apply


What are we waiting for then!

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