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Govt ignoring Food Safety Act

Recent expose about adulteration in the milk products in the State once again underlines the State Government’s lack of seriousness about implementing Food Safety and Standards Act.

Under the law the State Government should come up with separate department of Food Safety. Besides, it should also appoint Commissioner of Food Safety for the State and designated officers who would function under him for each district.
A designated officer has to perform various functions including issuing and canceling licenses of food business operator, prohibit the sale of any article of food which doesn’t make the prescribed standards, to receive the sample from food analyst and recommend to the Commissioner of Food Safety to launch prosecution in case of contravention of provision of FSS Act.

The food safety officers, on the other hand, are required to conduct regular inspections, guidance to food business operator, sampling and prosecution.
The law also lays down that the State Government should provide adequate infrastructure -manpower, building, space, office, equipments – for enforcing the Act.  The law also provides for the establishment of Special Courts.

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The Expert’s Thought: The FSSAI Act was enacted to decrease the Food Poisoning Cases in India and also make Law more stringent as  US-FDA law. Unfortunately, neither is effective because of low man Power and lack of law know-how among government officials.

2 Responses to “Govt ignoring Food Safety Act”

  • Kalaivani:

    In india so many laws are there ..only in law books… so..the law on food safety also..
    only few individuals and organisations are more serious on the issue..
    more awareness has to be created on this law

  • Arthur Mahlangu:

    I think because the food industry is not that strong on this side of the cesspool, creating a separate department for food safety functions is not an option at this stage, the government will most probably wait for a national disaster to occur before such can be implemented.

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