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FSSAI under food law introduces rules for new food products entering India

With continuous innovation and research happening in the area of foods, a lot of new products and new ingredients can be seen coming into the food segment especially under the nutraceutical and functional food category.

A lot of foods imported into the country also may contain ingredients which are being introduced in India for the first time.

Under the PFA (Prevention of Food Adulteration Act) regime, there was no provision to regulate such foods. The FSSAI ( Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) under the new food law has introduced a regulation providing for requirement of new food product/ingredient approval before obtaining a license for the manufacturing of such foods.

The requirements

It has been provided under Schedule 1 of FSS (Licensing & Registration) Regulation, 2011 that food business operators manufacturing food containing ingredients or using technologies that do not have a history of safety or having ingredients which are introduced in the country for the first time need to obtain FSSA licence. According to the Food Authority, such FBOs must apply for product approval before applying for a central licence.

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