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FSSAI rejects Ministry’s bid to back import of ‘sub-standard’ food grains

If the Consumer Affairs Ministry had its say, imported food grains and pulses containing hazardous foreign matter would have made its way on to the Indian platter. In fact, import of damaged grains too would have been a possibility – on the pretext of the country witnessing inadequate food grains’ production.

The Ministry, besides a number of importers, had called for a relaxation in the existing set norms for the import of food grains including pulses, even if it had extraneous matter or impurities.

But citing health reasons, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) – the country’s food regulator, turned down the Ministry’s request.

Sources in the FSSAI confirmed to The Pioneer that besides the Consumer Ministry, various food grains and pulses importers had been representing to the Authority urging it to be “lenient” in implementing the standards in respect of foreign matter “including animal origin” found in the food items.

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The Expert’s Thought: The rollback of the Imports would lead to trade deficit worth billions of rupees but at the same time food safety of the consumer should be taken care off.

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