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FSSAI moots regulations for infant milk, substitute food, fortified atta

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has proposed new regulations for infant milk and substitute food, fortified atta and ingredients for different foods – Food Products Standards and Additive – Amendment Regulations 2013.

For infant nutrition – the regulations defined substitutes for infant milk as milk protein between 10 and 16 per cent of by weight and total milk fat not less than 18 per cent. The draft also has regulation related to processed cereal-based complementary food for use in specific conditions. It provides that such food shall conspicuously be labelled as mono cereal-based complementary food – it can incorporate single cereal like rice or ragi and for use under medical guidance.

The regulations also defined the amount of nutrients for fortified atta and maida. Nutrients like calcium, iron, vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid and niacin.

Some more ingredients were covered for use under the new regulations like oligofructose, not more than 10 per cent of the product. This ingredient could be used for dairy products like yogurt, spreads, frozen desserts, ready-to-eat dry breakfast, and milk product-based sweets.

Second ingredient that was included in draft regulations – phyto or plant stanol esters again for milk-based drinks, juices and so on with limit of 3 gm per day consumption. Third ingredient is Trehalose for carbonated beverages, biscuits, macaroni, noodles, pasta, sweets and candies with an amount 0.5 per cent to 75 per cent.

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