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FSSAI Impact on Food Business Operator


How does it affect a Food Business Operator (FBO)?

Food business operators cater to millions of people on a daily basis. As mentioned earlier every Food Business Operator will have to either register or get a license depending on the turnover, this itself brings in a huge responsibility on all FBOs. Every vendor irrespective of how small sized they are will have at least be registered under the new law or will have to shut shop once the FDA & FSSAI starts raiding illegal vendors, suppliers and outlets. Yes, this does mean that even the street vendors, fruit & vegetable vendors, provision stores etc will have to get a registration or license before 4th August, 2012. It also the responsibility of not only the vendor but also the FBO procure goods from only authorized vendors and suppliers. It is absolutely essential that a separate license is obtained for every premise where food is manufactured or served. In case of any food poisoning incidents, FSSAI will inspect & scrutinize every single person within the food chain. All FBOs will come under the scanner irrespective of whether the fault lies at their end or not, it becomes the responsibility of not only the FBO but also their vendors to understand the requirements specified by the law & enforce these regulations into their premise as well as their food chain.

In order to meet budgets and maintain low costs FBO’s, vendors & caterers etc tend to compromise on basic principles of food safety & hygiene such as procurement checks, sorting of raw materials, cleaning & disinfection, sanitization practices, personal hygiene, pest control, maintenance checks etc. Negligence on part of the vendor can cost the FBO or others in the food chain heavily with the introduction of imprisonment into the category of penalties. Negligence will only lead to hazardous incidents which could be avoided.

Benefits to Food Business Operator

  1. Abiding by mandatory food safety standards & regulations
  2. Minimizing legal hassles
  3. Increasing customer satisfaction & response
  4. Safeguarding the consumer health
  5. Lowering the percentage of deaths occurring due food infections & poisoning & also long term consequences due to such incidents
  6. Self Regulation with the introduction of Food Recall procedures
  7. Food handlers are accountable for any lapse in food safety & hygiene therefore making them more responsible.
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