FSSAI Expert

FSSAI Expert – Mr. Ashwin Bhadri

FSSAI Expert - Ashwin Bhadri

FSSAI stands for Food Safety & Standards Authority of India. This is India’s Apex Food Safety Body. Under the Food Safety & Standards Act (FSSA), every Food Business Operator (FBO) must follow all the rules stated under the Food Safety Standards Regulation (FSSR).

As the Food Industry is very vast and diverse, many of these laws are not applicable to everyone. But the tricky part here is to know which laws are applicable and which aren’t applicable.

Under FSSA, there are many complex rules and regulations, which if not followed properly can lead to huge penalties and even imprisonment.

In these complex situations a Expert can guide you and ensure that you are always on the right side of the law.

FSSAI Expert – Mr. Ashwin Bhadri

13 Steps to Protect yourself from the consumer - Ashwin Bhadri

India’s Leading FSSAI Expert, Mr. Ashwin Bhadri advises over 900 companies on their FSSAI Compliance. He has also trained over 15,000 people on FSSAI and its impact on the industry. He is the Author of “13 Steps to Protect yourself from the Consumer” and “How to Face a FSSAI / FDA Audit“. He has appeared in many News Channels and News papers for his advise on FSSAI and Food Safety.

In case you are interested in a consulting session with him, please email your request to fssai@equinoxlab.com or call +91 22 276 44 111.

Advantages of a FSSAI Expert.

  1. A Consulting Session with an FSSAI Expert can help you to understand the law better, understand and implement the changes you need to bring into your organisation to ensure that you stay compliant.
  2. A FSSAI Expert will also ensure that the required documentation is in place, in case there is a court case. This critical documentation can mean the difference between a victory and defeat.
  3. A FSSAI Expert will also bring in the work culture of Food Safety within the organisation, which is absolutely critical, in case you are serious about FSSAI Compliance.

Do not miss your chance to meet the FSSAI Expert, Mr. Ashwin Bhadri to ensure that you are on the safe side of this law.