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FSSA implementation is biggest challenge, points out Gaur at Food summit

India Food Industry Summit 2011, UBM India’s unique offering for this year – a post-exhibition conference – held here on Wednesday, saw different stakeholders of the food industry deliberating on different challenges that the new Food Safety and Standards Act (FSSAI), 2006, was likely to meet in the coming days.

Offering his point of view on the subject, FSSAI CEO and interim chairman V N Gaur said that though the task of drafting the new law and regulations was a complicated procedure involving a number of tasks, data compilation and deliberations, but the biggest challenge now was to facilitate a smoother implementation process.

He informed, “Most of the states have moved successfully with respect to the implementation of the new Act, but there are some state governments which are facing constraints like resource crunch and lack of infrastructure.”

However, the states where the food industry had a bigger presence had moved ahead steadily. He further informed that three drafts – functional food, labelling and claims, and list of additives – would be going for approval to the scientific committee soon. They are currently reviewed by the scientific panel.

Interestingly, Gaur again emphasised on the issue of labs strengthening and said that even an NABL Accreditation needed to be revised as different NABL-accredited labs were coming up with different results for the same tests on one food particle.

Experts Thought: India is a country with 1.2 billion population. Majority of them reside in rural areas. Explaining the aim of the law to the ruralites  would be a though challenge for the Government. The Government would have to take regional steps because a lot 0f them are illiterate and not fluent in English. Common man benefiting from this Law would only fulfill the purpose of the FSSAI law.

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