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‘Food Safety Act Provisions Not Favourable for India’


Political leaders may have divergent views on implementation of provisions of Food Safety and Standards Act 2006, but a senior social scientist here feels that it may not be in the interest of countries like India in view of its socio-economic conditions.

“The Act in my opinion is not in favour of India in view of its socio-economic conditions. It may be good for foreign countries but definitely not for Hindustan,” Professor Gyanendra Gautam, Barkatullah University’s Sociology Department Head, told PTI.

“How can one expect from a small trader selling food articles on a handcart to follow the Act’s provisions which may render large number of people jobless,” he asked.

Its implementation would result in increasing crime, corruption, poverty and unemployment, he said adding the provisions of the Act may be good but not in favour of India in the present form.

However, Leader of Opposition Ajay Singh while addressing a rally in Barwani recently alleged that the state government is unnecessarily trying to politicise the issue.

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The Expert’s Thought: The bill comes in the wake of several outbreaks of food-borne illnesses in recent years. The Opposition is indeed a sad story in the Law implementation. Legal experts should get along the provisions with the current market trends.

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