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Food Safety Act: hotels, eateries asked to register soon

In a major step towards an effective implementation of the Food Safety and Standards Act, all hotels, eateries and road side food vendors have been asked to register their particulars with food safety officials at the office of the Deputy Director of Health Services in Viswanathapuram here.

J. Suguna, who has been appointed as the designated officer of food safety for Madurai district, has said on Sunday that the Food Safety Act will be strictly implemented in both urban and rural areas and officials now have now powers to enforce the rules.

Ten food safety officers were appointed for Madurai Corporation and16 food safety officers there exclusively for rural areas in the district, she said.

“All the 26 officers meant for implementing the Food Safety Act will check the licences of hotels, restaurants, eateries and petty shops supplying food through roadside vehicles. Since public health is the main concern of this act, the officers will function in their respective areas to see that food hygiene and other mandatory aspects are followed,” Dr. Suguna said.

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The Expert’s Thought: It’s been a year since FSSAI has been launched and yet many companies, food industries are waiting for the last day. Hope, they act fast and wise. The tentative date for last date for registration is August, 2012

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  • Kareem:

    Appreciated step taken by Government. Government should provide basic training and knowledge to those all registered. The registered food vendors should know the importance of food safety and their responsibility in catering safe food. If anybody approaches me from Government side to provide implementation of training and related programme I am ready to offer my service without getting any penny.

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