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Food Safety Act hits roadblock

KOCHI: The state government, which has set August as the deadline to fully implement the Food Safety and Standards Act (FSSA) 2006, is confronted with various constraints like resource crunch, staff shortage and lack of infrastructure, which are making it hard to set the ball rolling.
“Though the Food Safety & Standards Act (FSSA) 2006, came into force on August 5 last year, the government has been in a transition period, with the hope of implementing the Act in totality by August this year. However, at the pace the government is moving, it seems unlikely that the Act will be fully implemented on time,” sources in the office of the Commissioner of Food Safety, said.
They said that if things moved at the present pace, then it would take another year to implement the Act in the state.
“One of the major constraints is the severe shortage of adequate staff and law enforcement officials,” sources said and added that even the Food Safety Commissioners, who have to be of secretary rank, are yet to be appointed. Those who are now at the top post have been given only additional charges, they pointed out.
The Expert’s Thought: The Law is meant for protecting the Largers interests of the consumers and hence it should not be a Victim of politics.

3 Responses to “Food Safety Act hits roadblock”

  • Vishwanathaiah Keshavamurthy:

    Seeing all most all the regulatory mechanism in all the States of India, I fully agree with Mr. Ashok. FSFA, is certainly will be a powerful tool for the corrupt officers.

  • Kareem Shakir:

    My earlier comments very clearly indicated the struggle, difficiencies, time delays in implementation. It will be huge task for Government.

  • Ashok Sethurao:

    I have only one fear. It should not become a weapon for our corrupted officials. It is meant for safeguarding consumers but might become a good boon given to officials for making money. !

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