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Food Recall – Effective tool for ensuring food safety and FSS Act, 2006

While Food Recall is a relatively new concept in India, with the FSS Act, 2006, focussing on this vital aspect, awareness is growing and companies are looking at it as a vital link in the supply chain.

Indian companies are slowly realising that at times the product they have released in the market, needs to be recalled. And this can be minimised if the company’s recall system is well planned, implemented and understood by those who are involved in core activities of sourcing, manufacturing and distribution functions.

With the kind of emphasis, which is being given to food safety nowadays, consumers are also very much aware and at the same time concerned about the safety of the product they consume.

Section 28 of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, of Government of India emphasises the need for product recall. This states If a food business operator considers or has reasons to believe that a food which he has processed, manufactured or distributed is not in compliance with this Act, or the rules or regulations, made thereunder, he shall immediately initiate the procedures to withdraw, the food in question from the market and consumers indicating reasons for its withdrawal and inform the competent authorities thereof.

Every food business operator shall follow such conditions and guidelines relating to food recall procedures as the Food Authority may specify by regulations.

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The Expert’s Thought: It’s indeed a new concept and i think, the concept and law would ensure better food safety in terms of Management and practices.

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