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FDA to crack down on food adulteration

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has created various check posts and appointed officers to identify unlicensed suppliers and sellers across the state to prevent adulteration of food products.

FDA commissioner Mahesh Zagade said, “We have identified spots in the city where adulteration takes place and started on-the-spot registrati-ons for sellers and suppliers.”

With food licensing under the FDA now, the punishment for adulteration has become harsher. The penalty can go up to Rs 10 lakh. The FDA has appealed to Mumbaikars to be vigilant and look out for a shop’s licence before shopping and report those that don’t display the licence.

You can call on FDA helpline-022-26592207- and report discrepancies.

The Experts Thought – I think this an initiative is excellent one. The Common Man should use this Helpline to help FDA to spot Adulterated Food Items. The Consumer should also demand better quality from the Food Vendors. Did you know that every packaged food item has to have a Nutritional Label, which needs to contain Nutritional Facts, Ingredients, Shelf Life and Manufacturer Contact information, along with the MRP. Demand this on every Food item that you but, Its Your Right!!!


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