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Drinks with 320ppm caffeine to be labelled ‘caffeinated drinks’: FSSAI

Drinks that contain caffeine should be categorised as ‘caffeinated drinks’ and packs should clearly mention statutory safety warnings, said K. Chandramouli, chairperson, Food Safety & Standard Authority of India (FSSAI).

“We are separating these drinks with other soft drink items, creating a new category called ‘caffeinated drinks’. Consumers should have such a drink after knowing what it contains,” Chandramouli said, on Friday. Labelling these as energy drinks is misleading for consumers, said the FSSAI chairman.

As per the FSSAI guidelines, which would be published soon, drinks that contain caffeine of more than 320 mg per litre or parts per million (ppm) would be labelled as caffeinated drink, said Chandramouli. Currently, the prescribed upper limit of caffeine in soft drinks and aerated sugar water is 145 ppm.

“Most of the energy drinks are likely to come under the caffeinated drinks category,” he added.

Packs should contain the statutory safety warnings, specifying “not recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women, persons sensitive to caffeine and sportspersons”, as per a FSSAI note.

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