Free Ebook on “How To Face FSSAI/FDA Audit” Reveals…
“Steps to Tackle the complex FSSAI/FDA Audit”

This Book is a Must Have for any Food Business Operator!!!

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Here’s what you will learn in this book

avoid penalty

Avoid Penalty

Ensure that you never have to pay a penalty to FSSAI

know your right

Know Your Right

Know your rights as a food business

protect yourself

Protect Yourself

Learn How to Protect Yourself from consumer


About the Author

Ashwin Bhadri is a FSSAI Expert. He has consulted over 800+ clients and trained over 10000+ people. For the last 9 years he has developed his Expertise in Hygiene & Food Safety.

A note from the Author

“I think the reason I was inspired to write this book was that I learnt post the release of my earlier book
“13 Steps to protect yourself from the Consumer & Regulatory Authorities” that it wasn’t enough help given to the FBO, who always stands in the line of fire. Hence, I thought it would be best to armour him still further through this book. After all, Ignorance is not always blissful.”

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A Guide For Food Business Operators To Tackle Audit



Some Reviews about the book so far..

The book has been written very well and is very informative regarding FSSAI which is a new subject for food handlers
Institute of Hotel Mananagement Catering Technology
I am impressed with the contents and the flow of the book. This was amongst a few books I read that I opened just to browse it but started reading it and didn’t close it till I finished reading
Sharad Gawand
Shiva Farm
Ashwin, I read your ebook ‘How to face a FSSAI/FDA audit’ and would like to thank and congratulate you for this valuable, comprehensive compilation. I believe it is a must-read, especially for aspiring FBOs as it helps familiarize with the new food safety law. What’s interesting is how simply it is written and how it makes the reader see the involvement of different parties with their scope, rights and duties. Being new to the industry, this book equipped me with very relevant knowledge and helps me put another confident step forward towards starting a salad retail store in Mumbai. I quit my marketing job at The Economist a couple of years back to start Salad Days, a venture about healthy meal salads.
Mahima Purohit
Salad Days
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