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Barbeque Nation gets FDA notice to improve hygiene

FDA begins checking on high-end eateries in second phase of cleanliness drive; over 1,000 establishments have been inspected and 200 served notices in the past year
Barbeque Nation, the popular eatery at Pali Hill, has been served an “improvement notice” by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) department, following an inspection of the premises a few days ago. The notice was served after the FDA team found that the eatery lacked basic hygiene and cleanliness.

The FDA team found that Barbeque Nation lacked basic cleanliness


The move is the second phase of an FDA drive to check top notch eateries, after officials found that several high end establishments were not adhering to accepted cleanliness standards.
“We inspected the place last month and found that the eatery lacked cleanliness and basic hygiene wasmissing.Forinstance,theirwater storage tank was not well maintained, and they were not segregating dry and wet waste. The eatery’s floor too was not kept clean,” said Suresh Deshmukh, Joint Commissioner, Food, FDA.
“After a thorough inspection my officers issued them an improvementnotice,askingthemtoimmediately make the necessary changes,” Deshmukh said, adding that the eateryalsofailedtoproducemedicalcertificates of their employees, which is mandatory for an eatery as per the Food Safety Standards Authority Act.
Between April 2012 and March 2013,theFDAhasinspected1,158establishments in the city and served improvement notices to over 200 eateries.
“In the first phase of our drive, we clamped down on smaller eateries and are now targeting top notch establishments. This should serve as a warning for eateries to implement the necessary changes, failing which they are likely to be penalized or even have their licence revoked,” Deshmukh said.
When contacted, Barbeque Nation admitted to the notice from FDA. Their spokesman said, “Yes, we had a thorough FDA inspection at our Khar outlet. They have sent us an improvement note on how to better the hygiene in our kitchen and restaurant, and we have begun implementing the suggestions. For example, we’ve started maintaining an ‘in and out’ register of all perishable items on a daily basis. We have also improved our garbage disposal system and are segregating the wet and dry garbage before disposing it.”

Equinox launches Hygiene Shield, a certification standard for food industry

Mumbai-based Equinox Labs has launched the unique concept of Hygiene Shield, which according to the company, is an ideal certification standard for the food industry which is still staggering way behind when it comes to ensuring food quality.
“The Concept of Hygiene Shield was born 2 years ago, Equinox Labs soft-launched the concept four months ago. There was an overwhelming response from the market. The Hygiene Shield was officially launched on January 26, 2012,” informed Ashwin Bhadri, head, business relations, Equinox Labs, to FnB News.

According to Bhadri, one of the major problems being faced by the existing food safety standards in the country like ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) 22000, HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System) and now FSSC (Food Safety System Certification) is that these are not followed by majority of the food businesses because of their inherent complexities and cost.

Bhadri believes that Hygiene Shield is a physical proof which would showcase that a particular establishment is hygiene certified.


The Expert’s Thought: Hygiene Shield, a representation of Hygiene Certification, is an answer to all the above mentioned concerns. The Hygiene Shield is a Physical Representation of the fact that this particular establishment is Hygiene certified, safe for human usage and its products are safe too.

How to improve food safety in India

Our control over our food and our health requires inventive institutional reordering and new ideas about the way food regulations work, writes Sunita Narain.

The Food contamination is harmful and shows the complete disregard of the regulatory system for safety over business. What can be done? The obvious answer is to improve the science of food regulation.

But no one is discussing how India should devise its regulations in a way they can promote food which is good for its people in terms of nutrition and health.

The answer is not so obvious because even though food regulations all over the world are designed for consumer safety, they end up compromising on the consumer’s health by willy-nilly pushing bad food and bad industrial food practices. So, the question I have is:

How does India improve not just the science but also the art of good food?

Even as I write this, two important discussions are taking place in two important food countries. In the US, the Senate is hotly debating the Food Safety and Accountability Act 2010, which would give more powers to the country’s food and drug administration to inspect and recall contaminated or mislabelled food.

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The Experts Thought: Food Safety has always been a major Challenge in India in terms of its regulation, its implementation and other regional Problems. Maintaining it accessible to all sections of society would be a tough job either.

FDA to crack down on food adulteration

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has created various check posts and appointed officers to identify unlicensed suppliers and sellers across the state to prevent adulteration of food products.

FDA commissioner Mahesh Zagade said, “We have identified spots in the city where adulteration takes place and started on-the-spot registrati-ons for sellers and suppliers.”

With food licensing under the FDA now, the punishment for adulteration has become harsher. The penalty can go up to Rs 10 lakh. The FDA has appealed to Mumbaikars to be vigilant and look out for a shop’s licence before shopping and report those that don’t display the licence.

You can call on FDA helpline-022-26592207- and report discrepancies.

The Experts Thought – I think this an initiative is excellent one. The Common Man should use this Helpline to help FDA to spot Adulterated Food Items. The Consumer should also demand better quality from the Food Vendors. Did you know that every packaged food item has to have a Nutritional Label, which needs to contain Nutritional Facts, Ingredients, Shelf Life and Manufacturer Contact information, along with the MRP. Demand this on every Food item that you but, Its Your Right!!!